Hate What You Do For a Living? You won’t like this video …

If you don’t like what you do for a living … you have two choices.

Choice #1:  Get a new job.  

Easy?  No.  

Takes work.  

But sometimes you have to do it.

Choice #2:  Deal with it.  

You don’t get paid to like your job.  

You get paid to DO your job.  

My hope is there is at least 10% of your job that you actually enjoy and that makes the other 90% bearable.  

One of my favorite speakers is Larry Winget, and he says it well in this short excerpt from one of his programs:  

The Lesson

Want to “reboot yourself”? 

Take control of your attitude about your job …

or take control of your career.  

Until next time …


To your continued success!

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