A Life Lesson I Learned While Shaving This Morning

Shaving is the second thing I do every morning after getting out of bed.

You can probably guess what I do first ’cause you probably do it first, too.

Anyways, after I’m done with that business, I proceed on automatic pilot to wash my hands and face.

Next I grab my Edge Shaving Gel, squirt a small blob onto my hand and proceed to lather up.

Then I run my Atra razor under hot water, and begin to drag the razor across my face, wiping away the shaving creme like I’m mowing the lawn.

(No, I don’t wear a top hat as I shave.)

I continue until my cheeks and chin feel smooth as a baby’s bottom.

When I’m done, I wash my face again.

Boomski!  Over the course of about 7 minutes, I am AWAKE and ready for the day!

(Nothing like dragging a sharp razor across your face to make sure you’re awake and alert.)

Then, on with the rest of my routine.

Daily Routines are Good for Us

I’m going to take a wild guess that you probably have your own “morning routine”.

You do the same actions, in roughly the same order, every single morning to get yourself up and going for the day.

Think about this:  when follow a routine, you’re on autopilot … doing what needs to be done … usually without complaint or argument.  

All you have to do is START your routine, and you work straight through to the end.

Heaven forbid you interrupt your routine.  That’s why some people constantly misplace their house keys (or car keys) when they come home.

If you have an area of your life where you are feeling lost, or struggling to “make things happen”, it’s probably because you don’t have a solid routine yet.  

For example, while my morning routine gets me up and moving, I struggled to operate a home-based business for a while because I didn’t have a daily routine to follow.

I would get easily sidetracked with checking email or other low priority activities  instead of doing what I needed to do to get clients and generate income.

Now I have 8 core things I do every day, and I am seeing greater success.

No, I still don’t do them on autopilot every day, but I do have a written checklist to follow and that keeps me on-task and productive.

So, if you’ve wanted to start an important goal but struggle to get started … like writing a book … or learning a new skill … or getting a home-based business off the ground …. you have to find a way to make the daily actions part of your routine.

If you’ve always wanted to begin a healthy lifestyle … or even an exercise program … you have to find a way to make health/exercise a part of your daily routine.

Simply find something small you can do in 7-10 minutes to get you started.  That’s what has been working for me.

Where are you struggling to develop a productive routine in your life?  Drop a note in the comments below!