How to Change Your Life With a 90 Day Plan

90-day planA 90-Day Plan That Will Change Your Life

Whether you’ve been with your company for two years or two weeks, here is a guaranteed way to take your business to a whole new level.  I learned this technique from Eric Worre, a top leader in the industry.  The idea is really simple:  go on a 90-day blitz in your business.

A 90-day plan of activity can completely change your life.  Eric Worre, founder of, used this technique in 2005 when he began with a company called Agel.  He went on to earn $7 million over the next 6 years, most of it coming from a few 90-day blitzes over that time.

When he started with his current company in January of 2011, he started with a 90 day blitz.  In a month, he hit the third pin level in the company which was the fastest anyone had ever done it.

What is a 90-day Plan?

A 90-day blitz (or a 90 day plan) is a window of time in which you make the decision to work every available minute that you can on your business for 90 days.  You get together with the important people in your life (your family) and you negotiate the time you’re going to devote to your network marketing business.  You discuss the family events you will have to miss.  You discuss what your weekends are going to look like for the next 90 days.  You tell them how 90 days is going to change their lives for the better.  You discuss what it will mean in terms of money, in future vacations, and in other future rewards.

If you don’t have other employment, it might mean you plan to spend 10 to 14 hours a day making calls, doing presentations, running 3-way calls, doing home meetings, training others and talking to people about your business.  For 90 days.

If you do have other employment, you figure out what you’ll do to work your network marketing business as much as you can for 90 days.  You take all your lunch hours, you take every evening to do one-on-one presentations, phone calls, home meetings, and trainings.  You give up TV, and any non-productive activity except what you can do to build your business.

5 Components of a Successful 90-Day Plan

So what goes into a 90-day plan other than “lots of activity”?  In the 90-day blitz I’ve planned for my business, I have found there are five key elements.  The five elements are Vision, Celebrations, 30-day Markers, Inner Circle, and Activity.  Here is some more detail on each:

1.  Vision

Let’s step away from network marketing for a moment and imagine you’re going to take a dream vacation to Italy.  You call the travel agency and they say if you’re able to go in 90 days, you can take advantage of a great promotion.  You can go on a 10-day tour of Italy for only $70 a day ($700 total).  All you have to do is personally get a group of 10 or more people to go with you.  You decide to go for it!

So you get some literature about Italy, cut out the best pictures and put them in a “Vision Book”.  You’ve got pictures of the Vatican, the Sistine Chapel, the leaning tower of Piza, the Amalfi Coast, and more.  Then, you make a list and start talking to everyone you know asking if any of them want to go to Italy with you.

Your success at recruiting people to join you in Italy in 90 days will rest solely on your ability to paint a vivid picture of the destination in such a way that people will want to join you.

The same is true in your network marketing 90-day plan.  You need a vision of what is going to happen in 90 days, and that vision needs to be crystal clear so that others can see it too and want to be a part of it.

Perhaps you can have a big recruiting event to end the 90 days. If that’s what you envision, pick the hotel, write the agenda, start finding guest speakers, and plan it all out so you can really make it come alive in the minds of other people.

2.  Celebrations

Your 90-day plan and your 90-day journey needs to be a fun experience for everyone involved.  Reward people for who join your team and get started the fastest.  Have special award dinners to recognize the top performers.

If you have a big event at the end, reward the person who brings the most guests.  Celebrate the top producers.  Read names of ‘up and comers’ on conference calls.  Celebrate positive activity and reward people.

You could give out prizes, but they don’t have to cost money. For example, you could offer a prize of “personal one-hour phone calls with top leaders in the company so you can pick their brain”.

Make the 90-days an enjoyable experience to be a part of!

3.  30-Day Marker Points

If you’re working towards an event 90-days out, what milestones do you have to hit 60 days out?  Even before that, where do you need to be 30 days out?  If there are regional events for your company, how close do they fall to your 30-day markers and how many people can you get to them?

4.  An Inner Circle

It’s always more fun to go on a 90-day plan or blitz with a group of people who are as committed to the vision as you are.  We would call these people your Inner Circle.

These might be existing members of your team who are finally ready to step up to the plate and be accountable.  Or, these might be people you approach in a “pre-launch” timeframe before you begin the 90 days blitz.

These are the people who are “all in” and going for the goal with the same (or greater) gusto than you.

5. Activity Goals

In order to get to your vision, what activity do you need to do on a daily basis?  The most profitable activities in your business are finding people to talk to, and presenting our business to them.  If you aren’t doing that on a daily basis, you don’t have a business, you have a hobby.

So how many people are you talking to on a daily basis, and how many people are you presenting to?  More important than how many you are reaching is how many do you need to be reaching to accomplish your vision?

Every business is different, but if you’re on a 90-day blitz, you might make it a goal to talk to 20 people per day.  From that 20 people, maybe you’ll get 16 presentations scheduled.  Out of that 16 scheduled presentations, you might only get 12 actual presentations accomplished because of no shows and last minute conflicts.  Out of those 12 presentations, maybe you’ll get 4 new customers and 2 new team members.

So think about that closely.  If you’re making 20 contacts a day for 90 days that could mean 180 directly-sponsored new team members and 360 new customers.  Would that change your life? Of course!

If 20 contacts a day seems “too high” … what if you did half that?  You would still have 90 new team members and 180 customers.  Would that change your life?

90 Days Can Change Your Life

If you’re looking for a way to jump-start your network marketing business, I recommend you seriously consider a 90-day plan or 90-day blitz. Plan out the vision of where you want to be.  Make it as concrete and as real as you can so you can get people to buy into it.  Plan out your celebrations and your 30-day marker points.  Gather together your inner circle, and get busy with making contact and presenting your business.

At the end of 90 days, you’ll go from obscurity to the limelight.  You’ll put your name on the leaderboards of your company.  You’ll be somebody that others will talk about.  Your life will change financially and in so many great ways you can’t even imagine now.

When you complete your 90-day plan, you’ll really understand why people love this industry of network marketing so much!

To your continued success!

David Caban
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